What We Do

Prep Boarding helps students and families from Mexico connect with boarding schools in Canada, the United States and Europe. Founder Janet Morrice works with top schools in Mexico to help place students in international private schools and acts as an independent consultant and advisor to families across Mexico. Prep Boarding is the creator of the PREP Passport, an online tool that simplifies applying to boarding schools, and the host of the Prep Boarding School Fair in Mexico City.

Creating a PREP Passport is free. Once we decide which schools to apply to, you will be expected to cover your chosen schools’ application fees and a small administration fee from PREP Boarding for each application submission. PREP charges $200 US for one application and $100 for each additional one.


Researching, selecting and applying to independent and private international schools can be a difficult or daunting process for students and their families. PREP Boarding helps by offering expertise on schools, explaining how to make your application as strong as possible, and facilitating everything from applications and entrance testing to student visa and travel requirements. From an initial meeting with your family to checking in during your first few months at your new school, PREP provides personalized support throughout the process. If you are interested in receiving guidance from Prep Boarding, please contact us.

Our Consultation Process


The PREP Passport is a private online profile with all the information potential boarding schools want to know. Students create their PREP Passport and can use it to showcase their skills and achievements at the PREP Boarding Fair and to receive personalized advice from PREP Boarding. Students can also allow their current school in Mexico to add supporting documents (such as transcripts) directly to the PREP Passport and PREP Boarding can apply to students’ chosen schools on their behalf.

PREP Passport


Prep Boarding hosts an annual fair in Mexico City, attended by over 20 of its partner schools, and founder Janet Morrice travels across Mexico each year to meet students and families seeking international boarding school experiences. Contact her to arrange an initial consultation or view her planned travel schedule.

Fair + Travel


Prep Boarding works with several middle and high schools in Mexico to make applying for a year abroad simpler and easier. The schools we are currently working with use the PREP Passport to track their students’ applications and upload supporting documents (report cards, letters of reference, etc.) required to apply for the year abroad. All families will receive independent consultation and assistance from PREP Boarding throughout the admissions process.