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A PREP Passport is the easiest way to connect with schools around the world. The PREP Passport contains everything potential boarding schools need to know about you – your passions, strengths, goals and achievements – and everything PREP Boarding needs to help you get started.

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Why Make a PREP Passport?

By bringing your academic history, interests and personality into one place, the PREP Passport acts as an introduction, whether you are looking for a year abroad or a permanent transfer to a boarding school in Canada, the United States and England. Based on your PREP Passport, PREP Boarding will recommend schools for you to apply to and submit your PREP Passport to the schools you select on your behalf.

What is the PREP Passport?

The PREP Passport is a private online profile you create. You and your parents or guardians answer a series of questions about your education, your talents and your family background. Once you decide which schools to apply to, your current school can upload the supporting documents (report cards, letters of references, etc.) required and your PREP Passport will be sent to your chosen schools.

How Do I Get Started?

Creating your PREP Passport is free and simple to do. All you need are two things:

  1. A parent or guardian to answer the parent section
  2. An electronic copy of your official passport or a birth certificate

Once you have answered all the questions, you review your answers before submitting your final PREP Passport.

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