Consultation Process


Finding the school that is the right match for a child is key to how that child progresses academically, socially, and emotionally. Boarding schools vary and each student needs to find a school that is best suited to his or her abilities, passions and personality. We help families know what their boarding school options are, understand why and how certain schools might be the best match for their student, clarify how the application process works, and support the family through the process. PREP offers consultation to families looking for boarding schools in Canada, the US and Britain. We represent a group of carefully chosen schools but if a student is a clear candidate for a different school, PREP can still help facilitate connections and provide guidance.

The boarding experience marks the beginning of an exciting journey and it is our goal to ensure that each student is matched with a school that supports their learning and celebrates their passions.


We will begin by meeting with the parent(s) to discuss the expectations and hopes you have for your child. During this meeting we will establish a history of your child’s learning and review school records, testing and other relevant information. We will then spend some time with the student to learn more about their extracurricular activities including athletics, fine arts and community service. This initial session enables us to get to know you and your family better and to establish an understanding of your child’s needs and your family’s values. We welcome the opportunity to speak with any personal references, coaches or instructors during this stage who can help us prepare the most complete profile of your child. This information will guide us in the search for the best boarding school options. If you have not already completed a PREP Passport prior to this meeting, we will request it before continuing the process.


PREP was formed on the foundation that every student has passions and interests that deserve to be celebrated. We will research appropriate boarding school options that best support your child’s individual needs and develop a list of recommended schools. During this stage, we will present your child’s PREP Passport profile to a number of boarding schools. We will discuss with the schools how they might be a good match for your child; this may involve a number of professionals including admissions directors, coaches, house parents, learning specialists and teachers at the prospective schools. Research will also include speaking with someone at your child’s current school in order to establish the academic requirements for validation. We then recommend a number of schools that are viable choices.


Once the school research is completed, we will have a follow-up meeting to discuss which schools we feel are suitable for consideration. We discuss the schools in detail, focusing on why they are appropriate boarding options for your child. We will review websites, videos, and presentation materials from each school being considered.


After we have selected the school(s) you wish to apply to on behalf of your child, we will begin the application process. Each school has a specific application and required entrance testing. We will work with each school to ensure that the process is completed in an effective and timely manner. We will remain actively involved in the application process with each admissions office to ensure the greatest attention is given to facilitating your child’s selection of a new school. Once requested by the school, we will invigilate all entrance testing and perform interviews. Interviews may be recorded for the prospective school’s review.

Additional services for the application process:


Once you receive an offer or offers from the schools you have applied to we will consider which is your first choice. At that time we will follow up with a detailed list of questions to confirm that this is in fact the best selection. We will guide and assist with the acceptance of an offer and all forms, payments and processes involved.

The application process may result with a school placing your child’s application in the Wait Pool or the school may determine that they cannot support your child’s academic, extra-curricular and social needs. In this case we will follow up with the school to ensure a full understanding of the admissions decision and continue the process to consider other options.


Once your child has been registered at the selected boarding school we will continue to work with the family and the student to ensure that they are ready to go. We will provide course selection advice in keeping with the new school’s policies and the validation requirements. We will also assist with the completion of the registration forms, boarding forms, and preparation of the Visa documents and application.

From time to time the new boarding school may require your child to complete an academic review before leaving Mexico. We will assist in arranging for the academic preparation with your child’s current school or tutor if needed.

We are pleased to assist with travel plans and suggestions for your child’s arrival at the new boarding school. Helpful tips on packing and settling into the dorm room are also provided.


We will stay in contact with the new school, boarding parents and faculty as required to ensure that all of your child’s academic, social and emotional needs are met. In the event that we visit the campus of your child’s boarding school we will be sure to meet with them, their boarding house parents and teachers as required.

The boarding schools that we represent will truly be a home away from home, an academically fulfilling experience, an opportunity for your child to shine and yet still allow room for students to mature and grow. You will find the school you select for your child is responsive, organized and provides detailed feedback and communication. Your child’s house parents will be your first point of contact and will keep you informed about your child’s experience.

Your child’s new boarding school, PREP and your family will be partners in ensuring that your child has a rewarding and life enriching experience.